Get The Facts About Credit Repair

credit consultationWhen your debt outweighs your income and your ability to pay your creditors is limited or non existent, you may worry about your credit rating and want to repair it. While there is no magic wand to wave to dismiss your issues (bankruptcy is not a magical potion, and it totally tanks your credit score, too), you can get a bit of a leg up on the situation by doing the following.

The biggest hurdle that many face when they are in a financial crisis is trying to get the courage to get their heads out of the sand. It is so tempting to hide from the mess that you have gotten yourself into, but facing reality is the only way to clean up your credit mess and to work towards credit repair.

Get Copies of Your Credit Reports

The first step to repairing your credit is to know what the credit reporting agencies are saying about you. You should get your information from each of the three main reporting agencies each year. The information is free due to a federal act. These three agencies are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. To find out how to do this, you may go to: You could also contact each directly by locating their telephone numbers via the internet or information and asking how to go about the attainment of your individual records.

Write Out Exactly What You Owe

Once you know who you owe and what your credit report looks like, get out your most recent bills. Take a look at what you owe each creditor specifically, and write it down. Compose a written record of each and every one of your debts, the total principal amount owed, and the interest rates and dates of payments necessary. If you find you cannot possibly cover all of this, call your creditors and negotiate a payment plan.

Correct the Facts

As you begin to pay your creditors on time and to stop incurring new debt, you will slowly be repairing your credit.  If you want additional help from a professional, you can try using a credit repair specialist such as Sky Blue Credit This is important for your financial and emotional well-being. If you find an error on any of your credit reports, contact the credit reporting agency in writing. You may write a letter explaining the error, asking them to correct it, and explaining your position. They will attach it to your report or correct it eventually.

Struggling With PPI Compensation? Basic Advice To Follow…

read small printIf you are struggling to reclaim payment protection insurance compensation from the banks or other major financial corporations, then the information to follow could be useful to you.

Depending on which stage of the claim you are at, there might be different parts of this article that are more useful to you than others, so read the full body of the text.

First… when starting out your case… look at your financial policies, this is because there could be some revealing information contained therein that could very easily help you along the way, you need to know if the policy actually has protection insurance included on it, so have a good look through & leave no stone unturned when searching your documentation.

Also ensure that you have all the documentation, perhaps do this from the outset before you start looking through the policies, because you will need to know for certain whether or not you have had a miss sold ppi payment, made in your monthly repayments.

Also check through the small print, & look at the documentation to find out whether or not you had been previously informed about the ppi, or whether or not this was hidden from you, because if the banks’ can prove that you were not miss sold this insurance product then you might struggle to make a claim in the first place.

If you plan to claim the compensation yourself without the use of an external agent, be sure to note that you will need to present your case in a certain way, you need to make it clear that you know you have had payment protection insurance & you wish to claim back all of the payments along with the interest accrued on the policy, make this very clear from the outset so that they know what it is you are writing about, & the product that you wish to reclaim compensation for.

There are some downloadable templates in and around the internet that you can download to help you put together a case for a re-imbursement from the banks’ & also any other financial mediums.

Also, if you struggle to get your message across to the banks’ or if they reject your case, you can always contact the financial ombudsman, which is a service that is geared to aid members of the public who have been miss sold any kind of financial product, along with a lot of other things.

Overall, take your time over your case if you choose to do it yourself, because there might be elements that you miss that you may need to re-visit later, like your account details on your loan policy, or you might need to request some documentation from one of your creditors, so take your time over it to make sure that you get it right, otherwise it could take longer than you first anticipated.

Dealing With the Consequences of a Credit Spiral

creditOne of the most difficult things to have to deal with is a good budget that goes terribly wrong, especially the kind that blows our chances of recovering on our own. There are several reasons why an individual could find themselves in hot water, for instance an unforeseen auto or medical bill. A death in the family or a sick out of state relative could force us to break our budget plans and never get back on track in time for the next round of bills.

Too many promises.

The first thing you should do when you find yourself spiraling to the point of your taking a turn for the worse is to locate a credit repair company and ask for help. Unfortunately, there are several companies that promise all sorts of guaranteed results like improving your credit score to ridiculously high numbers in a short period of time. They also tell you that they can have all your bad credit removed in record time, needless to say, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Caution, proceed with care.

Another issue that people in need of credit repair should consider is the fact that several laws have changed and they should familiarize themselves with these laws. The laws are intended to protect the consumer from being scammed, especially from promises that are not being kept. One law points out that the consumer should not be charged until promised services have been completely rendered. While there are some legitimate credit repair companies in the business, if the consumer knows their rights ahead of time, they can’t find themselves in trouble for a second time.

Is it too good to be true?

Most people who try to get straight through credit repair will admit that they feel as though they are drowning. With this in mind they might be tempted to forget about the legal requirements that are expected by credit repair companies. With a credit standing that leaves you in a troubling predicament where you can’t even get a loan for a car or a house, don’t try to make things worse, don’t believe everything you are told.

Are you in danger?

It is a shame that an individual who finds themselves in a bad way financially can also have a target painted on them, it is almost as though the scam artists see them coming and attempt to prey on them. As a consumer, unless you are prepared to do your homework, especially when a company suggests that they are a legal credit repair company, expect to be scammed.

How can you tell?

If you want to separate a scam artist from a legit operation, try following a few guidelines.

●Don’t sign anything before you read it.
●If you do sign a contract make sure that a dollar amount has been clearly stated.
●Verify that the business has their legal information on the contract, not simply a generic form.
●Under no circumstances, pay for any services before they have been provided to you.

Tips for Paying off Your Student Debt as Fast as Possible

good creditMany of us have them: the dreaded student loan debt that can last for years. However, this financial-guru-considered “good debt” can be paid off quicker with these helpful tips.


The first step to combat any debt, is to first set a budget. This will allow you to see what you make and what you are spending towards non essentials, so you can free up more money towards the things that matter. This is also the part where you should keep track of the total amount of student loans you owe.


Consolidating your student loans will give you just one set interest rate and just one set payment, which will make it easier to manage your payments each month. When consolidating your loans, check for programs with a low interest rate, and be sure your consolidation still carries forbearance and deferment options in case you run into financial trouble somewhere down the line.

Make Larger or Lump Sum Payments

Now that you have consolidated your student loans into one low interest loan, you will be able to make larger or lump sum payments towards your loan and see it go down even faster. Larger payments can be made by adding an additional 5 or 10 dollars etc. to your existing monthly payments.

Income Tax, Gift Money, and Bonuses

When you receive unexpected monies such as income taxes, gift money, and bonuses etc, try using a portion (about 10%-50%) of it to pay down your student loan debts. This way, you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it too, and you’ll feel better splurging on yourself, knowing that a portion of the money has gone towards your loan.

Look for Jobs with Student Loan Perks

There are select employers that pay half or more into the reimbursement of your student loans for as long as you are employed by them. Some government and military jobs will also pay a certain amount towards your loans each year, as long as you are still active. If you are planning to become a teacher, lawyer, or doctor etc. there are loan programs for public service jobs that eliminate your student loan debt after 10 years, providing you stay current on your payments.

Make Payments While Still in School

There is no rule against paying towards your student loans while still in school. If you are fortunate enough to have employment while still in school, use a portion of your income to pay down the interest on your loan. Don’t forget, a portion of your gift monies can also be used to pay down your loan interest while in school.

Paying off your student loans can be rewarding, after all, you are investing in yourself. To make paying your loans more adventurous, simply, make a plan and stick to it, then watch as the balance goes down each month! If you find yourself in financial trouble and are unable to make your payments, don’t hesitate to contact your loan company as soon as possible to avoid default and bad marks on your credit report.